Loan Products


Quick Cash Loans

The purpose for these loans is for a member who may need a fast turn around for funds.  No Credit Checks.  Loans up to $1,000.00, Part time Employment up to $500.00. To apply for a Quick Cash Loan please contact or visit the credit union.

Holiday Loans

For a Holiday Loan Application please come into the office to apply.
You must be a full time employee not on probation.

The purpose for these loans is to help members through the Holiday season. No Credit Checks, loans up to $1,000.00, Part Time Employment up to $500.00.

New & Used Vehicle Loans

Keep your Credit Union in mind for value on new or used auto and boat loans, with our low-interest rates and generous term loans.  Ask about a pre-approved loan before you buy.  The Credit Union will finance vehicle at any age.  Call the office for more information.

Signature Loans

We grant unsecured loans up to $10,000 with low market rates based on qualified credit.  You may use the proceeds for a vacation, a computer, fix up your house, or anything you desire.  We have quick approval!

Tuition Loans

We will grant loans to help pay for school under the city tuition plan.   Instead of paying upfront